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Beauty Tips for Girls

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Today girls are too busy to fit in all the activities of their daily life in the 24 hour span; and so when it comes to beauty regimen they are often found to have no energy or time left for it.

But a simple but regular maintenance is a must. Here are some smart Beauty Tips for Girls that would give you the desired results without too much time or effort. But before you go into it, remember that beauty is not skin dip – what you are within plays a significant role in it.

Your skin color, the shape of your body, the texture of your hair – nothing matters more than your innate happiness and cheerful countenance. A happy soul is the most beautiful!


  • No matter how much makeup you put, without a healthy skin your efforts would not shine. For a healthy skin it is recommended that you drink plenty of water to detoxify your body, eat lots of fruits and vegetables and get adequate rest. Proper cleansing, toning and moisturizing of your skin at least twice daily is also must – once in the morning, once at bedtime. A weekly exfoliation would help to remove dry and dead skins to make it look soft, supple and glowing. You can make a natural exfoliating agent at home by adding coarsely ground almond or sugar to pure organic honey.
Beauty Tips for Girls

Beauty Tips for Girls

  • Another effective face mask that doubles up also as a gentle exfoliating agent can be made the following way – take yolk of an egg and beat it well in a bowl, to it add some honey and mix well, now stir in some oats to make a thick paste. Leave this concoction on your face for a while and then wash well while using your fingers to gently massage your face in upward circular motion.


  • Acne is another common problem that girls face. Acne can be caused by many factors, but mainly because of the hyper activity of the sebaceous glands. But it can also occur from stress or hormonal factors or when skin in not cleansed properly or as reaction to certain medications. Remember prevention is better than cure. Make a paste of cucumber in a blender and put it on your face evenly; leave it on for about half an hour while you relax, and then wash it off. For treating affecting areas make a paste of fenugreek seeds with a little water or take some diluted orange juice and put on those areas and leave it overnight – rinse well in the morning. Lemon juice mixed with raw milk can be applied as effective agent for reducing the size of acne.


  • Avoid putting makeup in thick layers for it prevents skin from breathing. For the same reason you should remove makeup properly before going to bed. Baby oils and Vaseline jelly are gentle cleansing agents that help to remove makeup, the former for your skin, the latter especially for your eyes. Sunscreens are must not only to save you from the harmful effects of the UV rays, but also to delay or prevent pigmentation and wrinkles.


  • Keep your hair well conditioned and hydrated to make it look shiny. You may warm up about half a cup of an oil mixture that contains olive oil and castor oil in equal proportion, and apply to your scalp and hair. You should leave it for at least an hour, and then wash it off with your regular shampoo and then use a conditioner as well. It is recommended that you use a proper serum that would protect you from sun exposure, for heat tends to rob hair of its moisture and luster. For the same reason it is recommended that you stay out of blow drying your hair regularly, use harsh chemicals for styling your hair, or use tongs or iron too often.


  • For your skin to glow and look a few shades lighter apply mashed ripe papaya on your face and leave it for a while, and then rinse well.


  • Winter dries up your feet. Even summers are not too kind on them since that is the time you resort to open sandals and flip flops. Restore the moisture by wearing a pair of moisturizing socks about fifteen minutes before going to bed. If you don’t have a pair handy, just moisturize your feel well and then help in sealing the moisture by wearing a pair of cotton socks – this should be done preferably while resting.


  • Talking of bedtime beauty regimen, it is recommended that you tame your manes at bedtime either by braiding them or by tying a pony tail.


  • Talking of manes, if your hair feels too oily and greasy and you do not have time to wash your hair, try using baby talcum powder to dry shampoo your hair. First, detangle your hair properly. Now sprinkle baby powder on the roots of your hair and then use a brush to spread it across the length. Leave it for about ten minutes. Now comb your hair to discard the excess powder. Turn your head upside down and use your brush to make sure you do not leave traces of the powder. Combing upside down also helps to make the hair look more voluminous.


  • Chapped lips and chipped nails are sore sights. Prevent both of these with the common formula of moisturizing them well. Massaging your lips make them soft. For stronger nails massage nails and cuticles with coconut or almond oil. Also remember to file your nails properly in case they break.


  • For softer and rosier lips you can actually resort to rose petals. First gently exfoliate your lips by scrubbing it with honey mixed with sugar. Then take a handful of rose petals clean them thoroughly with cool water, and then make a thick paste out of it using raw milk or glycerin. Apply this paste regularly at bedtime.

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