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Who doesn’t want to look radiant and beautiful? The multi billion dollar beauty industry thrives on man’s desire to possess looks that impress people. How else would you explain the recent and remarkable growth of top brands for beauty products around the world? From cosmetics to body care products, the top brand names in the beauty industry offer a multitude of useful products to the consumers.

Top 50 Beauty Brands

3Lab – This is the most effective skincare collection that assures you with a firm, smooth and even skin tone, helping you in a way to handle the aging skin.

A1 Cosmetics – A1 Cosmetics specializes in discount cosmetics from key brands like Almay, Black Opal, Bourjois Paris, CoverGirl, Leichner, Max Factor, Maybelline New York, Pot Of Gold, Revlon, Rimmel London, Sally Hansen, Urban Decay, and W7 Trends.

AFE Cosmetics and Skincare – AFE Cosmetics & Skincare enhance the natural beauty with the help of natural skincare, body care, hair care and cosmetic products. The entire range of quality cosmetic, skincare, body care and hair care products is available for sale on line.

Almay – Look and feel good – that’s the present day beauty mantra! Natural cosmetics are more favored these days. With more than 95% natural components, including extracts from fruits and flowers, in an Almay product you shall find a range of pure, light infused colors. All the components are moisture-rich, petal soft qualities and glide-on, live-in which gives a brighter, flawless, lasting touch.

Aloette – Aloette has adopted a contemporary approach to beauty. The solutions provided by them are all home-based, appealing to a wide range of women of all ages.

Amway Products – The cosmetic range of Amway has two key parts. Artistry has been created keeping in mind the skin care needs of different types of women. Whereas the Attitude is a new addition to the skin care range. The products are meant to cleanse, moisturize and replenish the skin.

Arbonne International – The skin care products of Arbonne are based on botanical theories. They were accepted all through United States in 1980 but now have become a niche brand name all over the world.

Avon – Avon products fairly has a wide range of products – from body care products, facial cosmetics, fragrances and deodorants, sun tan lotions, hand and foot lotions and hair styling products. All products are intensively tested, which lessens the risks of skin allergies.

Bare Escentuals – Bare Essentials Makeup, also known as Bare Escentuals, makes a line of pure mineral makeup called i.d. bareMinerals. This amazing beauty innovation comprises of 100% pure bareMinerals with no additives and zero irritants at all. If you are less than awed with the heavy, mask-like look and feel of conventional liquid and cream foundations, then bareMinerals is for you. Just say “No” to lines of differentiation forever.

Bare Mineral Makeup – Bare Mineral makeup is actually a product line from Bare Escentuals. Although the manufacturer’s marketing name is i.d. bareMinerals, it is more commonly referred to as Bare Minerals or BE for short. Bare Mineral makeup provides a SPF 15. In addition to the sunscreen function, mineral makeup is particularly beneficial for sensitive skins with scars, acne, rosacea, wrinkles, discolorations or allergies.

Barry M – If you want to experiment with your looks from time to time, the elite range of Barry M cosmetic products is the apt option for you.

Beauty Scene – Similar to its name, this brand gives a relief to beauty and make-up related problems. Whether you wish to opt for an eye shadow or lessen your stretch marks for a stunning look, Beauty Scene provides the right answer to all skin problems.

Bliss Cosmetics – Bliss cosmetics are fast gaining popularity as a new range of mineral make up products. Bliss cosmetics have a wide array of skin care and make up range, which includes, Foundation, Finishing Powders, Concealers, Eye shadow, Eyebrows, Blush, Bronzers, Body Dusters, Makeup Sets, Lip gloss, Bliss Spritz, Soap, and make up brushes.

Bobbi Brown Products – Bobbi Brown Products collected many accolades and became one of the best selling beauty brands. So, if you wish for a hassle free make-up, Bobbi Brown cosmetic line is the one for you.

Bonne Bell – Considered one of the most popular cosmetics amongst the youngsters, Bonne Bell cosmetic products are especially dedicated to the likes of young girls.

Borghese Cosmetics – From anti-aging skincare to daily skin maintenance, the brand name is enough to create a flutter in your mind. The private spa care and comfy color cosmetics are other areas that you will find interesting to invest in. The company believes that beauty is beyond age.

Burts Bees – Almost the entire cosmetic market is influenced by Burts Bees. This cosmetic brand is just leading the world and with the advent of Burts Bees lipsticks they are using the opportunity to bring beauty among any generation. The lipstick comes in modest price and treats your lip with great care.

Carols Daughter – The name “Carol’s Daughter” is certainly an unusual one in terms of a brand. From a very humble beginning, this brand slowly created a flutter in the domains of cosmetics. Since its introduction, Carol’s Daughter, an all natural brand has come a long way from the homemade classic recipes to amazing range of beauty products for her fans.

Chanel – Coco Chanel initially stated the business with designer clothes, but today there are numerous products lines are launched by Chanel. This includes designer clothes, jewelry and watches, ready to wear clothes, accessories and last but not the least the perfumes.

Clarins Paris – You don’t need to read again that skin care is an essential part of your daily life. However, due to time crunch and busy schedules many people resort to unknown cosmetics and beauty care products for a solution without knowing the consequences. At Clarins Paris, you get sound advice of beauty experts besides trying out the whole range of products that have been inspired by nature.

Clinique – Clinique is one of the largest suppliers of makeup and fragrance products in the cosmetics market across the world. Launched by Estee Lauder Company in 1968, Clinique was introduced as a brand to the public at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Cover Girl – Cover Girl brand is easily identifiable with its popular tagline “Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Cover Girl”. After this marketing campaign, the Cover Girl cosmetics improved its position in the world of cosmetics and personal care.

Crabtree and Evelyn Products – The unusual name of this brand certainly adds to its popularity without a doubt. However, the name is not all since Crabtree and Evelyn Products have a loyal consumer base across the world. The products are made combining the best expertise and time tested formula of natural ingredients for delivering the “feeling of well being” without costing a fortune.

Duri Cosmetics – Brands are not built overnight and it is not different for Duri Cosmetics as well. If you wish to play with nail colors seriously, you need to check up with what this brand has to offer. The advanced product line is dedicated for nails and hands.

Ecco Bella Makeup – All ingredients used in those products are marvelous and they pamper your body, skin, eyes, lips exceptionally. Ecco Bella makeup is wonderful in promoting beauty care to your body and seems to be little different from other cosmetic brands in market.

ELF Cosmetics – The full form of ELF is Eyes, Lips and Face. The company has been named in this way so that their core business is understood by the target audience easily. The ELF Cosmetics was launched in the year 2004. ELF mainly focuses on pocket-friendly price tags but assuring the customers of its high quality and prestigious cosmetics.

Emami – Being endorsed by high profile Indian actors like Shahrukh Khan or even Amitabh Bacchan, Emami has managed to reach out to the Indian middle class in a commendable span of time.

Estee Lauder Companies – If you apply the awesome products of such cosmetics you will feel great joy and either you are of oily skin type or dry, for any skin type person, the benefits of this brand is fabulous. However, some people believe that such cosmetics are not for older generations but the reality is that it perfectly suits any person who wants to use it.

Flirting Cosmetics – If you apply the awesome products of Flirting cosmetics you will feel great joy and either you are of oily skin type or dry, for any skin type person. However, some people believe that such cosmetics are not for older generations but the reality is that it perfectly suits any person who wants to use it.

L’ Oreal – When a brand has a tag line that says, “Because you’re worth it…” it’s obvious that the brand needs no introduction. And, “L’Oreal” certainly needs no introduction. It is the leading cosmetics and beauty-care giant in the world. The range of cosmetics from L’Oreal includes hair colors, and products for hair care, skin care, sun protection, make-up, and perfumes.

Lakme – Lakme products are designed to take care of your beauty care, and skin and hair care needs. If you are not too sure about how to use Lakme products or which Lakme products will suit you best-it may be a good idea to visit the Lakme Beauty Salon nearest to your locality.

Lancome – One of the leading international producer and dealer of perfume, cosmetic and skin care products, Lancome belongs to the cosmetic division of L’Oreal along with Biotherm, Kiehl’s, and others.

Laura Mercier Makeup – In Laura Mercier cosmetic brand you can get all types of beauty care products, such as, body care, bath products, fragrances, beauty tools and most importantly the skincare range of products. The renowned cosmetic brand was established in 1996.

Lauren Hutton Makeup – If you are not happy with your appearance and rising age is creating trouble in your path of looking good, you can experience Lauren Hutton makeup which has been made entirely for you. Women who are in or have crossed the age of 40 face some irritating situations in their skin.

Lush Cosmetics – Lush Cosmetics is one such brand that offers you hand made skin care products with minimal use of artificial preservatives. Lush Cosmetics use organic vegetables and fruits and combines them with essential oils and other natural ingredients.

MAC Cosmetics – Over the years MAC Cosmetics has managed make a mark in the fashion industry. Even after so many years the ever growing presence has not diminished. The name of the company has become synonymous with glamour.

Make Up Forever – The brand Make Up Forever is a craze amidst make-up artist across the world. The root of this brand lies with stage and theater make up company. In the first stage, this brand was very popular with makeup artist who worked in back stages. But with time, gradually the reputation of the brand spread and today it is a well established name in the field of make up industry.

Mary Kay – Recognized as one of the “greatest female entrepreneurs in the American history”, Mary Kay is an inspiration for many.  The product line includes Skin care, cosmetics, nail care, sun protection, perfume, only to name a few.

Maybelline – The tagline “Maybe She’s Born With It. Maybe It’s Maybelline” needs no introduction. This catch line is enough to cause a sparkle in your eyes. The very essence of beauty and confidence is revealed through this extremely innovative line. Not only the tag line, but also the brand itself deserves special admiration.

Neutrogena – For a clean, clear healthy looking skin, Neutrogena is a great choice. The company believes in real beauty and not beauty through make-up. It was due to this simple approach that the company tasted success in very short span of time.

Nivea – Considered one of the largest skin and body care brand globally, Nivea is owned by Beiersdorf, a German company. It had its beginning in 1911 when water-in-oil emulsifier was developed as a cream for skin with Eucerit (first stable emulsion).

Olay – Olay is one of the most popular skin care brands in the world. Call it the “beauty fluid” or “magic treatment”, it really works and gels well into a woman’s lifestyle effortlessly and without creating any mess.

Oriflame – Setting apart from the rest of the cosmetic giants by its unique “can-do spirit”, Oriflame is renowned for its high-quality natural skincare and cosmetic products

Ponds – The inherent desire to get more out of life is common; this can be done in many ways. The best way is to “feel good and look good” and Ponds has been a constant companion in this endeavor. Whether big or small, Pond’s delivers brand products that make a difference in the lives of many individuals.

Revlon – Revlon is one of the oldest cosmetics brands in the international market. The name “Revlon” is derived from the names of the founders of this American cosmetic company, Charles and Joseph Revson, and Charles Lachman.

Sheer Cover – Makeup is necessary and it should be done artfully. With Sheer Cover you can get a simple, cute and natural face at the same time you will be consider as very much trendy and stylish.

Shiseido Cosmetics – Shisedio Cosmetics is a Japanese based cosmetic industry that is considered as one of the renowned name in the beauty and cosmetic industry. Started in the year 1800, as a tiny pharmacy in Japan, today the company is one of the finest manufacturer of cosmetics. The man behind this cosmetic brand is Arinobu Fukuhara.

Ulta Cosmetics – Getting tired of visiting the shopping malls to buy your dream beauty products? Ulta is the single stop-shop where you shall get beauty products of all kinds. Get them online or you can even try shopping in your local area.

Urban Decay – Urban Decay cosmetics are for young, fashion loving girls and women who are fond of polishing their look and buy different products for their lips, eyes, nails, body and skin, etc. If you are getting some similarity in this regard, you can also go to a cosmetic shop and collect the source of your beauty and glamour.

Wet n Wild – Wet n Wild cosmetic products are so very elegant that it leaves a satisfied feeling on your skin. It has attained a huge customer base due to its reasonable rates. The brand has got products ranging from skin care to nail care – all apt for improving the look fabulously.


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