Escada Perfumes

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Escada Perfumes were introduced by Wolfgang and Margarathe Ley in 1976, and soon became extremely popular. They were all noted for their clean and stylish fragrances. Michael Stolzenburg succeeded to the ownership of this German fashion house in 1992. He earnestly maintained the classic Escada elegance, but made them more up-to-date and modern.

Women’s Perfumes from Escada

Most Escada perfumes are noted for their clean, youthful, slick and sophisticated fragrances. Generally, Escada fragrances have strong fruity and citrus top notes, backed up with long lasting amber and musk bottom notes. However, there are a wide variety of aromas within the lines of perfume from Escada. Some, like Rockin’ Rio and Escada Sport Feeling Free are targeted towards a younger generation, while others like Escada into the Blue and Escada Jardin De Soleil have a more classic feel. The more adventurous lines are Escada Pacific Paradise and Escada Island Kiss.

Men’s Colognes from Escada

Escada also has a wonderful collection of colognes for men. Escada Sentiment for men, with its clean and bright smell of red fruits, and Magnetism are two popular Escada fragrances for men. Moon Sparkle is for men who do not mind getting a little wild with their perfumes.

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