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Dana perfumes have been favorites for close to a century now. Dana comes up with a wide range of perfumes and colognes, and some of their lines have enjoyed widespread popularity from the 1930s onwards. The fragrance of Dana perfumes is varied. There are traditional perfumes with a strong floral essence, as well as wilder perfumes with warmer fragrances. The reputation and consistently maintained high quality of Dana perfumes have made them favorites with users from all over the world. The ‘Heaven Sent’ line of Dana perfumes is the most extensive one. Produced as women’s perfume as well as men’s cologne, this 1936 product has a refined fragrance with spicy, lavender and amber tones. The ‘Loves’ series of Dana perfumes is the most extensive one. They are found in clean and fresh varieties as well as floral fragrances. Loves perfumes by Dana can be found for men, women as well as children. There are clean and natural fragrances as well as fruity fragrances in Loves. Tabu is arguably the most popular perfume by Dana. This perfume with a strong feminine feel has an exclusive oriental feel. The rich and full fragrance of Tabu is a result of a unique combination of jasmine, rich rose, orange blossom, vetiver, oakmoss, amber and musk. Tabu is great for any kind of romantic setting for women. Toujours Moi is another extremely popular Dana perfume for women.

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