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What Japanese Have to Say about Skincare

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Did you know that the Japanese skincare routine has been in practice for more than 200 years now? Whenever we think of Japanese skincare, the image of a Japanese geisha comes into our minds. But kabuki makeup and powdered white faces are not the only components of Japanese skincare!

A long held skincare routine ensures that the Japanese women have flawless and glowing skins even without makeup. Here we list for you the intricate details of Japanese skincare routine.

It is said that the Japanese follow a five step skincare routine as opposed to the three step regimen traditionally followed in other parts of the world.

Cleansing – Cleaning the face to get rid of dust, oil and makeup is the first step in the Japanese skincare routine. They use both a makeup remover and a cleanser. Shu Uemura, a cleansing oil, is generally used on the skin before washing it off with a mild face wash.

Facial Massage – The Japanese go for a facial massage two times a week rather than two times a month! The increased circulation of blood to the facial muscles gives them a glowing appearance. Japanese people massage using facial creams.

If there is the problem of oily skin or pimples, Japanese women swap facial cream with a skin clarifying mask. Some women also use moisturizing facial masks. While the former deep cleans the pores and reduces blemishes, the latter prevents premature aging.

What Japanese Have to Say about Skincare

What Japanese Have to Say about Skincare

Scrubbing – Scrubs are never included in the facial massage cream or mask. This is because Japanese use scrubs only if their skin is broken. They also make sure that the scrub is enriched with natural oils so that the skin is not stripped of its natural moisture.

Toning – The Japanese do not use toner every day. The basic importance of a toner on the face is to restore the pH balance of skin while also killing bacteria that may lead to acne or other skin ailments. The Japanese apply a toner after a facial massage. Women with very dry skin do not use a toner as it leads to further drying and, hence, the appearance of fine lines.

Application of Serum – A serum or essence is a liquid used by Japanese women to reduce the appearance of skin flaws like scars, spots and blemishes. Since serums also have moisturizing properties, the Japanese always use serums on face even if they do not have time to moisturize! The serum has to be licorice based. However serums are expensive and not affordable to all.

Moisturizing – The Japanese use moisturizers only if their skin is very dry. Else they directly opt for sunscreen lotions. Again, they always use moisturizers with SPF of at least 15 so that there is no need to use sunblocks if they have already applied a moisturizer. Moisturizer with SPF will protect skin from UV rays and reduce the possibilities of skin discoloration and wrinkles.

Daily Diet – Needless to say, the Japanese diet plays an important role in endowing the women with lovely skin. Soy noodles, fish enriched with omega 3, green vegetables, rice and fresh fruits are consumed every day. The nutrients in these foods translate into beautiful glowing skin.

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