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Evolutionary Airbrushing Tips

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The makeup that is mostly used in television shows, motion pictures and magazine photoshoots is known as airbrush makeup. This makeup technique has been in practice for more than 70 years now, and makes it possible to give a new look to actors just by the touch of few makeup tools! Professional makeup artists use airbrush makeup not only to give a particular effect to a face but also to hide several natural imperfections on a human face.

Few Airbrushing Tips to Remember

  • It is best to use liquid makeup in case of airbrush makeup.
  • The liquid color must be applied in such a way that it takes the appearance of fine microdots that look like color pixels.
  • The little dots of color should spread on the surface of the facial skin in such a way that it appears porcelain smooth. In fact, it is the specialty of airbrush makeup to cover up every spot or indent of the natural skin.
  • Use a proper airbrush gun that is clean and follow instructions suggested by a professional makeup artist.
  • The idea is to capture every molecule of liquid foundation. The molecules must be oxidized in high opacity. This process takes at least an hour. So be prepared to wait for the desired result.
  • Do not apply pure foundation with a makeup sponge or your fingertips. Always use an airbrush gun.

Practice airbrush makeup at home with the Harder Steenbeck EVOLUTION 2-in-1 AIRBRUSH 2 Tips 2 Cup. One piece is available at a price of $198. Airbrushing is indeed an evolution in the world of makeup art. You can now get the natural translucency on your face rather than in your picture!

Evolutionary Airbrushing Tips

Evolutionary Airbrushing Tips

Advantages of Airbrush Makeup

  • This type of makeup covers up every flaw on the human skin with minimum use of makeup items.
  • Though artificial methods are used, it lends a naturally translucent appearance to your face.
  • It is best suited for people with oily skin since airbrushing lends a matte effect to the skin.
  • Airbrush makeup is perfect for people who have to remain made up throughout the day; this is because it does not fade away unless you use a remover or cleanser.
  • Airbrush makeup generally comprises foundations that are silicone based. The silicone gives a smooth as silk appearance to the face.
  • It is perfect for aging skin as wrinkles and fine lines are successfully covered up by airbrushing.
  • Traditional makeup can lead to clogging of pores and subsequent skin ailments. Airbrushing lies on the surface of skin as a layer and allows the skin pores to breathe.
  • Airbrush makeup is guaranteed to be germ free. It does not get contaminated like traditional makeup after the first use. This is because you use brushes and spray bottles rather than hands for airbrushing.

Disadvantages of Airbrush Makeup

  • It is very difficult to practice airbrushing at home. You need the help of professionals and technically qualified makeup artists even if you want to learn the art.
  • The makeup sessions and tools are very expensive. It cannot be used by everyone. That is why it is still confined within the film and television industry.

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