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10 Ways to Prevent Bikini Line Bumps

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It’s the summer and your reason to escape to the beaches. We know that you would want to step out in the sun looking your best in the one or two piece bikini! But razor bumps on the bikini line may completely spoil your look. So here’s a guide on what to do to prevent the bikini line bump.

Use antibacterial soap – Before using the razor, wash the skin with an antibacterial soap. This will kill all germs on the skin surface. You can also exfoliate using a gentle scrub and wipe skin using thin washcloth.

Soak in lukewarm water – Take a shower or soak in a tub of lukewarm water before shaving for at least ten minutes. This helps to soften the bikini line hair and it is easier to shave without hurting the skin.

Use skin conditioner – Apply a conditioning cream or gel on the bikini line and wait for a few minutes before using a razor. This creates a smooth surface post shaving.

Check your razor blade – Make sure that the razor you are using has a sharp blade. Blunt blades lead to bumps on the bikini line after shaving.

Shave in the direction of hair growth – It is advisable that you move the razor in the direction of hair growth. Else, ingrown hair is left on the skin and this leads to bumps.

Wash razor regularly – Rinse your razor after every swipe you make so that clogging by hair does not occur. Clogging leads to bluntness of blade and hence bumps.

Adopt proper shaving technique – Besides shaving in the direction of hair growth, it is necessary to pull the skin of the area you are shaving. Make it taut so that you can achieve a neat close shave.

Clean area after shaving – Wash the bikini line only with cold water after you have completed shaving. Also make sure you pat dry the area with a soft cloth. Do not rub any rough cloth on the area immediately after shaving. This tends to cause inflammation as a result of which bumps may appear.

Use glycolic acid – Smear a cream that contains the acid on the bikini line after you have shaved the hair. This acid prevents the drying up of skin and formation of flakes that lead to bumps.

Opt for better alternatives – Waxing and laser hair removal are better alternatives to shaving the bikini line hair. Though both the processes are more expensive, it ensures that hair will not grow anytime within the span of a month.

However there is no guarantee that bumps will not appear after laser hair removal or waxing; this completely depends upon the type of skin and how hot or cold the devices used for hair removal are. For best results, it is recommended that you take the appointment of a dermatologist to prevent bumps on the bikini line.

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