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Ylang Ylang Oil

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Ylang ylang oil is known for its sweet fragrance that has a soothing effect on your senses. You feel more relaxed and calm, very useful during tensed circumstances. A natural toner for skin, it is often used in many skin care products.

About ylang ylang oil

Ylang ylang, meaning “flower of flowers,” is an apt name that defines its strong characteristic sweet fragrance. Known as “macassar oil,”in Europe, the oil was used in many hair care products. In Indonesia, petals of the flower were strewn across the bed on wedding nights.

Oil is extracted from the fresh flowers of the cananga odorata var. genuina plant, by water or steam distillation. This tropical plant is mainly grown in parts of Sumatra, Madagascar, Java, Comores and Reunion. The 20 meters tall plant, blooms flowers in vibrant shades of mauve, yellow and pink.

Uses of ylang ylang oil

  • Ylang ylang oil is used for normalizing high blood pressure.
  • The calming effect, coupled with the sweet smell, encourages optimism and confidence. This helps you to deal with adverse situations.
  • The oil has a moisturizing effect on dry skin, and also controls excess oil in oily skin. Good for the hair, it is used in many hair care products.

Tips for using ylang ylang oil

  • Do check for any possible allergic reactions before applying on your skin.
  • Should be ideally used diluted, use of concentrated form may result in nausea and headache.
  • Blend ylang ylang oil with lemon, bergamot and lavender for a refreshing effect.
  • Consult with your doctor before using this oil, if you are under medical care.

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