Croton Watches

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Croton Watches are the designer brands, which is timeless and defines elegance and modernity. The Croton watch company aims to manufacture watches that are simple yet elegant. The modern technology and classic looks make this line of watches of international fame. The Croton watch company, since its inception in 1878, has given some of extravagant lines of watches. Some of the world’s greatest watches are manufactured by the Croton Watch company. This famous designer watch brand have watch lines for both men and women.

Croton Watches

Croton Watches

Sub categories of Croton watches

Croton Watcheshas gone a long way to become a fashion statement rather than only a timepiece. There are several types of Croton watches, from where you can choose your pick. The sub categories of the Croton Watch collections include the following:

  • Croton Ceramic and SS Watches
  • Croton Chronomasters
  • Croton 21J Automatic Dive Watches
  • Croton Swiss Chronomaster
  • Croton 1000 Meter Extreme Divers
  • Croton Swiss Automatic Divers

Models of Croton Watches

Some of the most popular models of Croton watches are Croton Men’s Automatic Black Dial Watch, Croton Men’s Automatic Blue Dial Watch, Croton Men’s Automatic Stainless Steel Watch, Croton Men’s Automatic Two Tone Black Dial, Croton Men’s Automatic Two Tone White Dial, Croton Men’s Grand Prix Silver Bezel, Croton Men’s Roulette Watch, Croton Men’s Dual Time Stainless Steel Watch, Croton Men’s Silver Dollar Coin Watch. Chronomaster Chronograph watch serves both the business as well as the casual purpose. There are three sub dials, namely 60 second, 60 minute and 12 hour sub dials. For the ladies line, Crescent Quartz is a timeless creation. It looks somewhat like a bracelet of mother of pearl. This sparkles in silver tone.

Famous Croton Owners

The famous celebrities of Hollywood, who owns a watch of Croton, are Josh Groban, Taylor Swift, Quincy Jones, Natalie Cole, Miley Cyrus and Joe Mantegna. This brand is advertised at famous editorials and fashion magazines.

Mechanics of a Croton Watch

The mechanics that are involved in the making of the Croton watches are drawn from Swiss and Japanese expertise. The best thing about Croton watches is that they are available at very affordable price. To handle the watch in a proper way, the watch comes with a handy guide that says about the features, components, design and function of Croton watches.

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