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Harry Winston Jewelry

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Harry Winston, an American jeweler introduced to the world excellent quality of jewelry and watches. In the 1932, Harry Winston opened his firm. This firm within a few years of its establishment was a success. Harry Winston’s diamond as well as jewelry items became very popular among the Hollywood stars. Names of few of the Hollywood actresses, who prefer Harry Winston jewelry, are Halle Berry, Gwyneth Paltrow, Elizabeth Taylor, Teri Hatcher and Paris Hilton.

Harry Winston Jewelry Dimaond:

  • Harry Winston Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet

    – This beautiful looking bracelet has been graced with diamond and sapphire. The diamonds and the sapphires have been set against platinum. The diamonds gracing this bracelet weigh 10.08 carats. The sapphires are all together 18 in number and weigh 21.63 carats. It reflects aesthetic beauty. It makes for an outstanding piece of gift.

  • Harry Winston Diamond Necklace

    – 36 diamonds have been used to create this magnificent piece of jewelry. The sparkling diamonds add beauty and elegance to this jewelry item. All the diamonds have been set against each other in perfect match and the diamonds complement each other.

  • Harry Winston Pink Diamond Ring

    – Pink diamonds are indeed very rare and since pink diamond has been used to grace this ring, it makes this ring a unique piece. The pink diamonds have been set against the white diamonds in a perfect way. It is sleek and elegant in design.

  • Harry Winston Diamond Drop Earrings

    – It comprises two diamonds that resembles the shape of a pear. The diamonds have been set on platinum. This jewelry piece weighs 60.1 carats.

  • Harry Winston Diamond and Sapphire Wedding Band

    – It comprises sapphires designed in pear shape and diamonds that resembles the shape of Marquise. The diamonds are 18 in number and weigh 4.82 karats. The sapphires are also 18 in number and weighs 7.31 carats. The diamonds and the sapphires have been set beautifully.

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