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Burberry is a well known British fashion house that offers its customers clothing and fine fashion accessories. Burberry jewelry is known for its simple but elegant design asking fashion conscious people to try at least once. The fashion house has worldwide franchise and branded stores. Though sometimes, they sell their much sought after products with different third party stores. Some of the trademark products of this famous British fashion house are fragrances and trendy and fashionable bags. But equally popular is Burberry jewelry that covers different types of bracelets, necklaces and designer watches etc.

Watches by Burberry

Burberry watches look very simple, but the designs are timeless. From simple three hand date watch to exclusive duff link styled the watches are just adorable. Both for men and women the straps of the watches are available in leather and steel bands. All the watches are made in Switzerland and the level of water resistant varies from model to model. Women’s Burberry watches are designed in such a way so that it also serves the purpose of bracelet.

The 21st century women love adventure and want to enjoy their free spirit of woman hood. Burberry seems to catch this essence perfectly in their designs. The wrap around studded watch design is very popular among woman. The band of the watch is made from gunmetal. Studded with pyramids and square face the page allows you to fasten around the wrist. A black diamond is embellished on the face of watch. The bands also come in different designs like check strap, mosaic strap etc. The choices are just endless and you need to select the one according to your budget and style.

Necklace by Burberry

Necklaces are the fashion accessories that help to enhancing your look in an elegant level. Necklaces are worn with long gowns to balance the look in a beautiful way. Thus, the attention of on lookers gets divided on look and the dress. But when we are talking about necklaces by Burberry the designs lack words in description. You can get necklace chain in different patterns and designs. You can select leather woven chain necklace for your evening party. Similarly, you can pick metal flower necklace for your matching off shoulder dress. The geometric gem necklace is worth your collection that is available in orange color at present. The trend of long necklace with many strands is one that refused to go out of fashion. In order to keep with the trend Burberry offers multi chain necklace in basic colors to compliment your favorite dress.

Bracelets by Burberry

There are many people who don’t like wearing many accessories. For them bracelets is a very simple option. Bracelets are type of accessories worn by both men ad women. Bracelets offered by Burberry are simple but timeless. From wooden to leather bracelets you can pick your choice. Leather woven bracelets are highly recommended for those who love to stay simple but in fashion. Studded square bracelet looks quite innovative and matches well with your trendy casual clothes.

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