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Easy Ways to Customize your Jewelry

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Every woman loves jewelry, and the idea of customizing your jewelry is exciting and tantalizing. If you’re afraid of splurging on a brand new custom piece of jewelry, there are small changes that you can make off the shelf that will leave you with custom jewelry that you absolutely love. Here are some easy swaps that you can make with a reputable jeweler to make your custom jewelry without breaking the bank.

1. Switch the Clasp: Whether you’re looking at a pearl strand or a tennis bracelet, switching the clasp on your bracelet or necklace can give your jewelry strand a little extra glam and make it look and feel like custom jewelry. Go classic with a filigree clasp or bold with diamonds and gemstones, and the result will be a clasp you want to show off to the world. If you’re switching the clasp on your necklace or bracelet, you will want to go with a double-sided clasp to ensure that it doesn’t roll over and looks amazing from every angle.

2. Switch the Gold: If you find a piece of jewelry that you love, but you’re more of a yellow-gold type of gal, or want to go the romantic route with rose gold, inquire about swapping out the gold in the piece. Many jewelers create their products as they’re ordered, and have the ability to swap out white gold for yellow. Switching the gold to match more closely with your style will make you feel like you’re wearing custom jewelry every time you put it on.

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3. Switch the setting: If you have a precious stone that you love, why not create a ring with it? There are tons of settings available at every jeweler, including handcrafted, whimsical settings that mimic flower stems and tree branches clutching a precious stone. If you want to go custom with your ring, the setting is the perfect place to start.

4. Switch the length: For a more modern look, go for a long strand necklace that falls somewhere below your chest. If you want to go classic, pick a strand that sits along your collarbone. Many jewelry providers can make a chain longer or shorter, and even offer a variety of length options as far as pearl strands. You’ll be thrilled when you can customize the length of your new necklace.

Creating custom jewelry can be fun and affordable, especially when you start with these small switches that can turn jewelry you like into jewelry you absolutely love.

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