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Common Beauty Related Problems with Reasons and Effective Solutions

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Every person has a different body and skin type, thus exact science can’t be applied for beauty perfection. There are tons of Ayurvedic, allopathic and other solutions available. There are marketplace where buyers meet sellers and discuss their problems and possible solution. However, there is a science behind some beauty problems that can be defined and thus, the problem can be cured easily. So, some common beauty problems along with their reasons and effective solutions are described below.

  • Dry Skin: A dry skin signifies the collapse of the normal biochemical processes occurring in the skin, which are aimed at the maintenance of a proper moisture balance in the skin. Major causes for this problem include environment, physiological changes including ageing, harsh cleansing and some disease, where a particular offender is the winter weather. The use of a mild cleanser and twice application of a cream or a lotion on the affected area are some advisable solutions.
  • Split Ends/Frizzy Hair: Hair strands are wrapped together as layered and flat roof shingles with the use of protective cuticles. But when those shingles get lifted, they result in split ends and frizzy hair, for which there are many causes. A major cause of this hair problem is the application of chemicals used in perms, hair color, relaxers and highlight, which penetrate the cuticle and cause damage. A proper conditioning using a rinse-out conditioner after shampoo will help you control this problem.
  • Sweat: Sweating is an essential body function of cooling itself through evaporation. Particularly two glands contribute to this phenomenon, where the eccrine glands secrete sweat around the whole body and are activated due to exercise or heat. The apocrine glands release sweat in the groin, underarm and other selected areas under strong anxiety and fear emotions, which couldn’t evaporate well and hence, causes body odor. This odor can be prevented by using an anti-Perspirant/deodorant spray that provides prescription-strength wetness protection.
  • Age Spots: With the production of melanin in excess, age spots occur on the body causing skin darkening at certain places. This damages the skin in a particular way by both environmental and genetic factors, where exposure to sun rays, particularly UV rays, worsens this pigment. A prevention from sun rays and regular use of granular cosmetics or moisturizer with sunscreen are few solutions for a prevention from age spots.
  • Blemishes/Breakouts: Acne or breakouts can be caused by bacteria also, when it combines with the dead cells of the skin and clogs the pores. An inflammation is caused by the trapped bacteria that is visible as pimples, which is not restricted to gender and age. Washing your face with an antibacterial or an anti blemish cleanser twice a day, followed by the use of a non-comedogenic moisturizer helps in prevention from these acne related problems.
  • Chapped Lips: As the top layer of the lips is thinner as compared to the skin on other body parts, so it is more susceptible to dry. This problem is experienced more in case of winter winds and freezing temperature. There are lip therapy creams and other solutions available that are able to provide you a freedom from these dry lips.

With this guide, you are now able to easily identify the beauty problem that you are facing and hence, adopt a quick remedy to cure the same.

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