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Beauty and makeup are complimentary.  A woman is not complete without a tinge of makeup – be it an eye shadow or a blush on shade or even a lip stick tinge. They say, “A woman without makeup is like food without salt” – might be it true to some extent – but then it is also true that beauty is skin deep. There are people who don’t need make-up to look beautiful. Makeup beauty tips help us to get cheekbones which are higher, the skin is more evenly toned and the jaws become more prominent.  Following the makeup beauty tips will give you a look that will easily help you draw attention. You can use an unusual eyeliner shade and sport long, flirty eyelashes – wear on a bright lip color and put some sparkles across your cheekbones – these make up tips can easily make you stand out of the crowd.

Top makeup beauty tips :

1.) To allow the foundation or the concealer blend well, you have to first use the toner on your face and then apply the moisturizer.

2.) Apply the foundation on your face using your fingers with a circular movement. Focus on one area at a time. For instance, apply it from the forehead down to one side of the face, then focus on the other side – do not wait. You have to be quick.

3.) Concealer is applied after using the foundation – gently pat the skin and then to remove the excess portions, use a sponge. Keep on using a sponge if you think you need to put on more colors.

4.) To get a bright and natural glow on your appearance, apply the blush properly so as to remove the excess from your face with the help of your hand.

5.) You should apply foundation over your eye lids to give a smooth matte feeling.

6.) As a base color for your eye shadow, opt for a ‘no-colour’.

7.) It is not mandatory that you have to use colors that match your clothes; it is advisable to opt for colors that suit your skin color. The more alluring colors are neutral and matte and try to avoid mauve and real pink shades.

8.) Apply the Eyeliner close to base of eyelashes. It will make your eyelashes look thicker.
Keep in mind not to have your beauty products for more than a specified time period – Foundation: 1 year, Lipstick: 1 to 2 years, Powder: 2 years, Mascara: 3 to 4 months, Shadow/blush: 2 years.

9.)Be hygienic by keeping the brushes clean. You can wash them in a mild natural shampoo and allow it to dry off naturally. The sponges used for makeup should be mandatorily washed every week and disposed off every 4 to 5 weeks.

10.)Take care of your lips. See to it that they have been moisturized and foundation/powder have been aptly applied. Use a lip liner to shape up your lips in the proper manner.

11.)Use a lip brush while applying a lip color. After that try to blot it by holding a tissue between your lips and if necessary apply more colors.

12.)Avoid using eyeliner if you have dark circles under your eyes. Otherwise your eyes might appear to be too dark.


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