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10 Ways to Make Your Body Instantly Beach Ready

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While the temperatures outside are chilly at the moment, it’s never too early to start thinking about bathing suit season. In a few months, it will be time to shed your winter layers and start donning a cute two piece or tankini. Making your body look great in your bathing suit is possible, even without going on a dangerous crash diet. Here are 10 ways to make your body instantly look better in your bathing suit this summer.

1. Use Self Tanner

One way to get yourself looking great fast for the beach is with some self tanner. You can try to apply some tanner at home, or you can opt for a professional spray tan at a salon. Avoid laying out in the sun and damaging your skin to achieve that bronze color. Your tanned body will look longer and leaner.

2. Correct Your Posture

Another easy method of getting a body upgrade overnight is by paying careful attention to your posture. Instead of slouching in your suit, aim to stand and sit up properly. Your spine will thank you, and your body may appear taller and a little more elegant. When walking to and from the beach or the pool, make an effort to keep your posture perfect.

3. Style Your Hair

Another method to keep your bathing suit body looking fabulous is to focus on other parts of your look. Your hair can help pull your sea goddess look together. Try pulling your hair up in a sophisticated upsweep to give your neck and face a longer line. Another option is a loose braid or high ponytail.

4. Wear Heeled Sandals

Choosing stylish footwear is another way to give your body some added sophistication. To make your figure appear thinner and more chic, try a pair of heeled sandals or wedges. You can show off your summer pedicure and keep your legs looking long and lean as well.

5. Don a Large Hat

Another way to increase your summer suit’s gorgeous factor is by pairing it with a large hat. If you don’t feel confident in your summer body, a cool hat can help shift the focus back to your face. Some great summer options for your head include a wide brimmed straw hat or a funky visor to help keep the sun out of your eyes.


6. Grab a Few Accessories

Helping the eyes remain focused on other parts of your look is a strategy that works for a body that isn’t quite beach ready. Look for beach friendly accessories like chunky bracelets, shiny chain link necklaces, or large chandelier earrings to match your suit.

7. Avoid Salty Foods

Some beachgoers try to prepare a day in advance when they know there’s a big gathering coming up that requires beachwear. If you haven’t been as careful with your diet in the past few months, you can try a quick remedy to help reduce the bloat. A day in advance, flush out your system with plenty of water, and just say no to salty foods.

8. Lift Some Weights

Another way to get some quick definition with your body a few hours before your beach event is to do some resistance training. Even if you haven’t been to the gym for months, an emergency workout right before you slip into your suit could help you get a quick tone up.

9. Choose a Flattering Suit

Of course, one of the best methods of making your body look its best is to choose a flattering suit. You can try a suit with bold prints to help slim your body, or you can go with strategic dark colors to make it more flattering. For two pieces, try choosing your top and bikini bottom separately to get a more custom fit.

10. Smile and Be Confident

The last thing to do before you make your dramatic entrance in your summer beachwear is to put on your widest smile. Walk out to the beach or pool confidently, and get an instant improvement in your overall appearance.

This summer, you can still look great in your bathing suit even if you haven’t spent all winter dieting and exercising. Try some of these easy and fast techniques to help you look incredible this summer.

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